Tuesday, 12 February 2008

day 1 of stimulation cycle - doctor's appt

My menses came on sunday and was scheduled for a scan today to count my antral follicles in my ovaries. Numbers are not so good, i have a total of baseline 8 follicles prior to stimulation drugs. These are low numbers for a 31 years old person like me. the number reflects roughly the best maximum numbers of follicles that may be retrieved. I feel pressured and scared to know that i may not have many eggs to retrieve, afriad that some of these follicles may not grow to be recruited to be viable. I will be starting my Gonal F injection at a dose of 450iu tonight and for the next 4 nights till my next scan. God please help me, please bless me with at least 8 fertilized eggs thru this IVF, please let me be pregnant this time.

Right after my appt, i walked over to the nearby mall in town and loitered around aimlessly. I feel anxious about this IVF, with every new hope of a successful outcome, there is new fear of failure... Its mind boggling. I so wish to run up to a stranger and get a hug and a shoulder to cry on, in the end i decided to seek comfort in a big meal of yoshinoya chicken and beef don with miso soup at 10am in the morning.

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