Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My 1 embie that wasnt transfered.

Embryologist called, saying my 1 embie that they were monitoring for an extra day did not make their grade. The embie did develop from a day 2 - 3 cells into a day 3- 4 cells.. but the quality wasnt that great as there are some fragments. I feel kind of sad to not have this embie as a backup plan. Also feel sad this embie didnt get a shot of becoming my baby after all its struggles to get to where it is ..a 4 cells. I actually some feelings for it. Good bye embie no. 4, mommy thank you for all your strength to grow, should you have a soul.. may God be right next to you now in heaven. Mommy's hoping those 3 little embies inside my womb will proceed to grow well and implant well and become healthy babies.

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