Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Stimulation day 2 - Gonal F 450

Today is my second stim day, just taken my second injection of Gonal F 450. Not much side effect except for tiredness. A friend called earlier and we chatted for a while, she asked me " Do you think the drugs will cause harm to the body?". I answered, " i think its a calculated risk, considering the noble cause of it, i think its all worth it, even if ...even if the drugs may cause some harm to my body, but having said that, i think it should be safe." My friend shared that she been battling with infertility for over 4 years and i honestly can feel her pain. Infertility is really a shitty thing.

Some information on the cost of my drugs. I need an estimation of 11 days of 450iu.
11x450 = 4950iu
i bought 4 bottles of 1050iu and 2 bottles of 75iu. The 1050iu vial actually contains 1200iu.
(1200x4) +75+75 = 4950iu
The 1050iu vial costs SGD$1100 each and the 75iu vial costs SGD$90 each. Oh mine, the drugs are really expensive.

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