Thursday, 14 February 2008

TCM as an IVF Booster

I have included TCM as a booster to my current IVF round. I started taking chinese herb daily for a month in dec/jan followed by accupunture once a week starting mid jan and now i have progressed into twice weekly accupunture. The accupunturist recommended that i do one session each before and after for both egg retreival and embryo transfer. My physician Xia Rong was from Yu Ren Seng clinic at paragon, i decided use the Accupunturist Jin JinHua at Raffles Hospital TCM since my IVF gynae is from there. I find both of them to be very professional and friendly. During my accupunture session, i feel a tingling sensation when the needles are entered, followed by a numbing sensation at the needle area.

Some cost information. For the 1 month supply of chinese herb including consultation fee at Yu Ren Seng, it cost me sgd$280. For the IVF booster package for accupunture, i paid sgd$380 for 5 sessions package. I will need 2 of such packages.


  1. Hi

    I am a fellow TTCer...I just went through SO-IUI and been TTC for about a year...Wish to share burden of TTC with you... Do email me so we can support each other... you can contact me at

  2. hi noscon,

    thanks for dropping a message. so u r in your 2 week's wait now. i am sure u must be anxious like how i always during 2ww, i find that the 2ww is the longest 2weeks each time i go thru ivf. noscon, just want to tell you to stay strong and focus on this baby making quest... lets hope for the best. hugs

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