Tuesday, 11 March 2008

31 yrs old today

wow, i cant believe i crossed 30, no wait!.. i am 31 today. there are many things i am thankful for, here is a list of it

1. fertility treatments available to us.
2. my little 19 months old daughter, so perfect and lovely.
3. the wonderful husband i have...
4. nice parents in law who give no troubles.
5. great parents.
6. a good live-in maid who helps with the daily chores.
7. general good health in the family
8. a lovely dog
9. roof over my head
10.choice to be a full time mommy
11.no major financial headaches
12.husband's private practice running smoothly.
13.ability to afford ivf treatments
14. the $6k, $5k and $4k that government allows ivf patients to deduct from their personal medisave account.
15. moments when my daughter hug, kiss and call me mama.
16. being the main care giver to my daughter.

these are the things i want to do for the next 6 months before i begin my ivf round 5.

1. lasik treatment for my eyes. My daughter loves distorting my glasses.
2. try IPL (intense pulse light therapy facial) to improve complexion.
3. make healthier food choices.
4. lose 10kg (22lbs) in 6 months
5. take up gym and engage a personal trainer.
6. read more books and learn more about the stock investments.
7. further educate my toddler and give lotsa love.
8. be somebody's friend


  1. Love your things to do list :) You will be in my prayers esp for your next IVF!!

  2. Great stuff!! I especially like the personal trainer part...go for it!! Tone up and feel strong!! Happy Birthday my dear friend...:) hugs!! Jewelgal