Tuesday, 4 March 2008

5 more days to pregnancy test

My beta hcg pregnancy blood test is on the 10 march. I plan to do a home pregnancy test 1 day before it. Hubby and i plan to celebrate my birthday this 11 march only if its a positive. Two lines on a hpt and a + beta test will be best birthday gift ever.

I am going to be 31 in a few days time... i cant believe i am pass 30! I mean... the past few years zipped by so fast i almost felt dizzy.

Having said that, 28 to 30 yrs old of age were my most fulfilling years. My beautiful little one sprouted from a 4 celled embie ( first time i saw her on a scan pic) till where she is now.... giggling and playing around with my pet dog, dancing along with the music... giving hugs and kisses.