Friday, 7 March 2008

day 13 past retrieval

Yesterday was my last session of acupuncture. I completed a total of 10 sessions and the total cost is roughly S$800, thats about USD$600. The acupuncture needles are inserted post embryo transfer on the head, between the eyes, right ears, wrist and legs. Needles were inserted on the tummy area prior transfer.

I do enjoy my sessions. It is relaxing and i love the herb aroma that surrounds the treatment rooms. Most importantly, this acupuncture gives me some form of control over my emotion during IVF. It allows me to think that i am doing some good for the IVF.

I contemplated on whether i should mention this now. But what the heck... i think i should. Ok, last night, hubby brought back 5 hpt and that tempted me to pee on the stick. I am going to resist doing so until today at 6pm. I am afriad that the pregnayl booster shot will still be in my system and give me a false positive..... or worse still.... no positive!! My torture has began the moment i set eyes on those 5 hpts. At any moment when i almost convince myself i should do the home pregnancy test, i would will myself to go to the loo and pee all out before i could take out a hpt.

What would happen if i get 2 lines on the hpt?? I would still be cautious as it still could be the pregnayl. What if i get 2 lines tomorrow ?? I would double check with the one i take today and see if it darkens. And what if it darkens?? I would cautiously wait for my beta test on monday, but i will definitely be waiting with a smile.

I will put my faith in Jesus. That Jesus knows what is best for me.

Another 4.5 hours before i pee on a stick!!
So afriad!!!!


  1. Praying for you, my dear friend. :) Have faith and courage ok!! Jewelgal

  2. Did you POAS? It's so nerve wracking isn't it?