Saturday, 26 July 2008

antral follicle count result after 2 months of DHEA

Went for my day 2 antral follicle count yesterday. Turned out that I have the exact same numbers of antral follicles as my previous ivf cycle. I have 8 to 9 and some are below 5mm ( 5mm is the average size for potential respond during ivf). I feel quite afraid to know i have to begin another cycle soon with the same kind of stats. So after 2 months of DHEA, it didnt do much for my diminishing ovarian reserve. So disappointing.

My gynae seem to be only interested in getting me to start asap. I cant help feeling its for her own interest in doing so.

I have made an appointment for my next antral follicle count with another fertility doctor.

After knowing that my antral follicle count has not improve, I am feeling some trepitations and the fear of another unsuccessful ivf becomes very very real again.

I am so tired of trying, but have to go on, I have no choice. The reward of a baby is just too worth it.

I wish i am in a ivf support group or any form of ivf emotional support, cant seem to find one here..


  1. Hi there - I have heard that you get more of idea if the DHEA has worked when you are actually doing a stimulated ivf cycle. Good luck to you - I guess you must be starting soon??

  2. im a starting soon. most likely end of this month, early next month. im am very ready to being ivf and hope it has a favourable outcome.

  3. hi, you are welcome to join us in the forum

    Jia you, we will have sisters praying for you.

  4. Where do you get DHEA in spore? I have just failed my 2nd ivf most likely due to bad egg quality and would like to start on DHEA.

  5. It really is upsetting that we now have people not reading through this web site. Best wishes

  6. We appreciate you discussing the experience about this problem.