Saturday, 5 July 2008

Still blogging

I am still blogging. You can find me at . Some updates on my baby quest ;

I have dropped from 145 pounds/ 65 kgs to 128 pounds / 58 kgs since my last failed fresh cycle antagonist IVF attempt in feb/march this year. I plan to be around 120 pounds / 55kgs before i begin the next IVF in roughly 3 months time. The weight lost is acheived in a healthy and no shortcut way, that is through cardio exercise and weight training and food portion control. I believe that being in a healthy bmi of 21 will help in acheiving pregnancy.

I am also taking DHEA pills of 50 mg daily. Took it for a month now. This is done in hope of rejuvenating my ovaries as i have read from some studies done on women with diminishing ovarian reserve and women over 40 of age. Apparently, it helped some produce better quality and quantity of eggs. So i am giving a 4 months try at this. Some side effects i encountered so far is a slight increase in transitional acne ( i am prone to breakouts, esp pre menses, so this is not surprising for me) and regulated menses cycle. A normal cycle for me is 35 to 38 days, but since taking DHEA for a month, my menses came on the 28 day. Perhaps it is a coincidence.... I will be monitoring my next cycle.

I am taking wheat grass pills too, but the pills are too large and plenty to shallow a day , so i take it only occasionally when i feel up for swallowing those huge pills.

I need to begin monitoring my antral follicle count in my next cycle. I am still on a look out for a good IVF specialist, I may consider using the same IVF specialist as my last IVF if i cant find a better one. The specialist is good, but I felt so much pain from the vagina clamp she used to open me up during ET. I never had problems with those clamps with my previous experience. I hope it is an isolated incident and is the fault of the type of clamp she used and not so because she did it unskillfully. Other than the clamp incident, of course.. the blood taking incident i blogged about in my previous entry, also makes me think twice about going back to that centre. Having said all these, this is the same specialist that gave me my miracle ivf success on my very first ivf. Decisions , decisions, decisions....

If you are interested to hear more about my weight lost quest and life pre 4th IVF attempt... do check me out at Drop me a message or so, greatly appreciate some support in this lonely but worthwhile quest.

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