Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Appointment with new fertility specialist at KKH

I have arranged for a consultation with Dr Sahdana at KKH. She is one of the senior consultant. I plan to get her to do a Antral Follicle Count and also find out if she will be able to be the main decision maker for my entire process, instead of getting covering doctors of the day to decide if i should up or down my dose, trigger or not. I plan to choose my embryologist too. I had experienced with 3 in KKH and I still prefer the first embryologist because she is so sweet and willing to explain when im have questions.

I figured that if I go to KKH, the bill will be half that of raffles hospital. The success rate is almost the same. This coming sept/oct round i hope is the final successful round, but if its not, at least i am not stressed out by the humongous bill. This being my 4th round of IVF, does not come with medisave use. I have to pay cold hard cash, every single penny of it.

Mentally, I am ready for my next IVF to start asap. Soon i will be flooding this blog with many entries documenting my IVF process and my feelings along with it.

I hope anyone in the same predicament as me can seek information,if not, solace here. Knowing you are not alone is an important process in coping.

Hugs to every single women out there who requires fertility treatment. Rock on..!

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