Tuesday, 7 October 2008


This is a photo of my dear daughter praying for the embies to become her sibling/s.
My daughter is an ivf baby. I went through my first ivf , injections, scans, 2 weeks wait and a bfp and a smooth pregnancy and ceasarian to have her. She is truely an angel, a miracle, a comforter to me.
Over the past 1yr plus, i have undergone 1 fet and another 3 ivf cycles, 1 miscarriage and 2 bfn in a row, in order to have another miracle.
This is my 4th IVF and it is going to work. I hope the Lord will have mercy on me and bless me with a BFP in roughly 11 days time.
"I am pregnant now, until proven otherwise!"


  1. Good luck with this cycle!! I hope you get your 2nd miracle.

  2. Hi,
    got your blog address through the ivf/icsi support group forum. All the best for your try. I am also undergoing ivf for a 2nd child. Wish we will have success.