Sunday, 26 October 2008

A previous miscarriage ( over a year ago)

I feel like talking about my previous miscarriage ordeal today. So that you can understand how anyone who been through a miscarriage will feel when they are pregnant again, especially during the 1st trimester. and every moment of a smooth pregnancy is truly a blessed moment itself.

In mid 2007. When i felt ready for IVF again after my girl was 1yr plus, I got a positive which ended in a miscarriage. It happened around the middle of 5th week of pregnancy. I started bleeding, it started with light bleeding which quickly progress to heavy bleeding with clots and cramps. I bedrested for an entire week during the bleeding, only to get up to go to A&E to do scans and were given progesterone injections. After one week of heavy bleeding, the verdict was gloomy... The sac was almost coming out and my cervix was dilated, that fateful night, while i was showering... a big reddish whitish clot in the size of a ping pong ball flowed out of me.. and landed on the floor. I miscarried. I cried my heart out.. The trauma of a miscarriage is very real and very painful and is stuck in my mind forever.

Right now, I am on my 5th week of pregnancy. I am so very scared for reasons you can understand why. I am obsessively checking my panties for any sign of blood stains, and i feel a great sense of relief each time i see clear.

God,please let my pregnancy be a smooth successful one this time, protect my unborn child from any harm, bless the unborn child with health and growth.


  1. I been following your blog =)
    U will be fine...
    like u.. im in my 5th week too! my 1st baby =)
    we will get thr!

  2. I had one MC at 16 weeks, do share your fear.

    Your baby should be healthy with the good beta. Jia you!


  3. I have one MC at 11 weeks. i understand you fear.

    Dont worried, your beta is good. Have alot of rest.


  4. I miscarried at 5 and half weeks, it was painful.

    I am at day 13 now, went for scan, my follicles are really small 5-9.5mm. I feel that IUI may be a useless procedure, so what if the sperm is put in when the egg comes out, isnt that the same as sex.

    At the same time I am feeling hopeful.

    I'm confused.

  5. thanks for the encouragements f, seahan, happyever, and sunflower. you are like little 'jia you' angels to me. ;)

    its 5 weeks 4 days for me now and im both happy and cautious.

    f, iui process is such that it ensures you have eggs to fertilize and also, sperms collected is 'spinned' in the lab and the most active or better quality lot is then used for the iui to greet your eggs. hang in there k.