Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Beta Blood Test Result in

I am officially pregnant. :) BFP

The beta blood test confirms it.

My beta level is 231 on 18day past retreival.

My beta level is not super high but its not low enough to have my clinic worrying too.

I am sure 1 embryo implanted.

So my next appointment with the clinic is for my 6 week scan scheduled early november.

Since i am such a worry toad, I will definitely be going to get my blood checked again for consistent doubling time in the next few days. Really hope this pregnancy is viable and wont slip away from me.


  1. So happy for you! Congrats.
    Yes, please continue to take care and rest well. Dun do too much housework and enjoy being a tai tai till the 1st trimester is over. If you would like to meet for tea, do PM me at the SG motherhood forum.

  2. Hey babe... congrats once again on the bllod test. i am sure everything will go well for you. Just make sure you rest well and take care. Don't do any heavy work...

  3. Yeah!!!!! Hooray!!!! So happy for you!!!! Lots of hugs!!

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  5. Congrats!!! Wonderful news. Thinking good doubling beta thoughts for you.

  6. I am so happy for you !Got your info from Praying for a baby site !JAR

  7. hope u have a good doubling!