Saturday, 18 October 2008

Deja vu

Deja vu. There are 2 lines, but inconclusive.

Had the same experience roughly around the same time during the previous 2ww.

In case you would like to know what i am talking about.

Please dont be happy for me yet. I beg that you pray for me instead.

I am very stressed out right now. I did one yesterday ( the bottom one) and did one again early this morning. Both of them are different brands. The one i did yesterday was much darker line than the one I did today.
A few things can happen:
1. I am not pregnant. The pregnyl is wearing off since today is 3 days after my 1000unit low dose booster shot.
2. I am pregnant. The pregnyl is wearing off faster than my beta hcg can climb.
3. Its 2 different brands and may have different minimum detection level, so the tone of the lines cannot be interpreted at all.
I 'feel' pregnant' this round. I have a good feeling of it. But I cant help being very cautious for the sake of self preservation.
Conclusion is : I am very miserable now. Today is the hardest day of the entire IVF cycle.


  1. Please try to get your spirits up, its still quite a few days to the actual blood test.
    Dun let the results from the pee sticks spoil your weekend as the results are really inconclusive.
    Pray and trust in the Lord, ask Him to continue to uphold you during this difficult time. Will pray for you too.

  2. You write so sincerely about your longing for a child. I'm praying for you.

  3. Thoughts and prayers with you..

    Stay strong, U r an inspiration!

  4. Please stay positive. Dun let the result affect you.

  5. My dear pal, I know how difficult it is for you now. May God bless you and I am sure He will take care of you. Lots of hugs!! Will be praying for you.