Thursday, 2 October 2008

Final scan - day 10 ( after 9 days of puregon)

Here are the numbers
Right Ovaries; 21.5mm, 13.5mm,13.5mm,12mm
Left Ovaries; 18mm,15.5mm,15mm,12mm,10mm

I triggered HCG at 8pm tonight. My egg retrieval is scheduled on Saturday morning.

My butt is quite sore from the HCG injection. The injection hurt quite a bit, the sheer look of of th needle scared me, it was the length of my index finger. It needed to be this long in order to reach the muscle tissue.

Each time i go through an IVF cycle, i feel nearer to God, strangely. At this very moment, He is like the only one in the universe that knows for sure if this IVF cycle will work, I do hope the time is right and this IVF will be very successful.

Back to the injections.. Come to think of it, I am not afraid of needles. I always felt jabbing myself with stimulation drugs was a breeze as those needles are pretty small. BUT, the HCG needle that my husband brought from the pharmacy really freaked me tonight. I couldnt stop giggling seconds before the pierce, that is what i do when i get really nervous.

Comparing my final scan result with my previous ivf cycle's, i think the sizes looks somewhat better this time round. Could it be the 2 months supplements of DHEA that i took? Could it be the 8kg weight lost since my last cycle? Could it be a miracle from above, waiting to happen?
Whatever it is, I am thankful my stimulation stage went rather smoothly considering i am a poor responder with low antral follicle counts.

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