Wednesday, 15 October 2008

i am always hungry lately

I think worrying takes up energy, I was so hungry today. The one good thing about 2 week's wait is that dieting is the last thing in my mind. And eating protein and satisfying myself in a gastronomic way take precedence.

For dinner, I went to Aston's at east coast. i had prime ribeye with baked potatoes and house salad as side. Had a mushroom soup which i find it way too bland, I ended up shaking lots of salt in it. i topped the meal off with a basket of garlic bread. I enjoyed my steak.

During my dinner, my conversation with my hubby was about 'to do or not to do hpt this weekend'. We calculated that if the half time of pregnyl is 33 hours. It will take 6 to 7 days to completely clear out of the system. Gosh, this waiting is a torture, it sure makes me hungry. And speaking of which, I am munching on a red bean nonya cake now.

Consolation is, at least this 'torture chamber ' that i am in let me indulge gastronomically.


  1. Hi there. Hope you will continue to persevere, at the same time savour the lovely moments with your hubby and daughter.

    My wife and I are in our thirties and have been ttc for close to 4 years. Married for 4 years and yearning to have a baby. (Hope you don't mind me reading your blog). She is approaching 35 and I really feel heaps of pressure.

    We are at opposite ends when it comes to issues on aided conception: She seems to be able to cope with the fact that if she cannot conceive, we could possibly adopt a child. But i can't. I am open to ivf, but she isn't.

    Really tough. Went for clomid iui in sept, but didn't succeed. The few weeks after were really tough... till this day.

    Really commend you for writing this blog. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. I really like your 2 word description. Think it fits very well...LOL!
    I am down with such a bad cold and sore throat that doctor had to prescibe antibiotics for me so I guess there won't be any action (IVF) for me this month. Now, we are rethinking and would probably only do it next year. I need the mental preparation baby...sigh...

    Keep on rocking my friend!! Enjoy the feasting while you are at it...I am so sick and keep thinking of mee sua soup in singapore...ah...I really miss home!

  3. Hi, being hungry is a good thing.. Glad u had a great meal.

    I was thnking of starting an IUI this cycle. My period just came today. On the other hand, I have work commitments in December which I think I want to go thru first. My hubby wants me to do things now, now, now.

    Is there a point in waiting or should we just go head on cos every moment that passes ages both of us? What do you think?

  4. Hi,
    Just to share my experience with you. I would say feeling hungry easily is definitely a good sign. I feel hungrily easily during my 2WW, other than that, I do not have much obvious symptoms.

    I did my HPT on my 11dp2dt and i got a +ve. My last pregnly is administered before my ER. Since then, I only on progesterone inject. Good luck to you! I really hope you would be rewarded this time. I have a feeling that you did it :)