Wednesday, 15 October 2008

question from the comments page

This morning, I received a comment asking some questions on IVF which i thought I would share here.

Question from commenter f:
Hi, i stumbled upon your blog when looking around for IVF in Singapore. I am 26 and my husband is 27. We have been trying for the past 1.5 years, with 8 cycles of Clomid and 1 cycle of IUI.The IUI failed and I had a very early miscarriage at bout 5 weeks with my first cycle of Clomid. My hubby wants us to try IVF.

How much did u spend in total and who did u go to?
My biggest concern is the emotional strain this will put on our relationship. Any advice?

Dear f, this is my answer:
The cost for IVF in KK hospital is typically around $6k to $8k.
NUH is about $1k to $2k more than kk.

The cost for IVF in a private clinic varies a bit more, typically $12k and above.

The government allow us to use medisave for the first 3 rounds. $6k, $5k and $4k respectively for 1st,2nd and 3rd round.

Recently, government allow IVF subsidy of up to 50% of up to 3k for up to 3 rounds of IVF.

Facing the struggles of conception is a challenge, no matter if you have chosen IUI or IVF or any other path. Btw, I read that IUI requires 3 or 4 tries to maximum success rate. I recalled seeing a graph on it somewhere. For many of the IVF cyclers, IUI is not an option because of the type of infertility condition. Do check with you doctor if you should continue with IUI or go to IVF straight.

Personally, I feel that IVF gives hope to my marriage. If there is no such thing as IVF for me, I may feel at the end of the rope. IVF gives both my husband and I hope of a family. I think choosing to do IVF when you are mentally ready will be the next best thing. All the best for your decision making.

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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply.

    My gynae says that I can try IUI 3-4 times, maybe I will give it some more tries. Anyway,I have irregular cycles and don't ovulate in some cycles, my gynae labels me as a PCOS but I am skinny n don't have any metabolic conditions, just cysts in my ovaries and irregular cycles. My hubby has normal counts. But on that day of our IUI, his counts were super low, 3 million. I feel that was the reason the cycle failed.

    Maybe I should try IUI again, I don't feel ready for IVF. the risk of multiples scare me and the costs and long ardorous process too. I hope u wull continue to blog so I can have some form of support.

    Keep us informed of ur progress n I will of mine too.