Thursday, 6 November 2008

Broken pieces

Be patient with life,
despite its cruelty.
Often it seems careless of our pain,
But just as often brings us hope again.
My unborn child is right now in heaven and one day I will come face to face and be reunited. Please forgive me for what i did.
I will continue, IVF #5 in feb 09'.
meanwhile, i am picking up the broken pieces..
finding strength in the comfort in well wishes.


  1. the promise of life ended too sad, be angry...weep, and mourn...but do find healing under the wings of love from those who care and love...

  2. you are such a brave woman! and a great lady!!! I would like to have at least half of your courage and braveness...
    I was my Dr today... he said cant tell what the reason was for the failure just that might be my AGE... haha kind of says.. there isnt much I can do...
    Well the option from us is to do a cetrorelix protocol in January...

  3. I meant to say.. option for us.. is cetrorelix protocol...
    sorry about that..

  4. Jia you, dear.
    You will not be defeated, you will not collapse.


  5. I'm so very sorry. I hope that IVF #5 is a success. Until then, take care of yourself.

  6. Over from L&F. May peace be with you during this difficult time. Hope will be yours again. (((hugs)))

  7. So sorry things turned out this way, this time. Hope you can use this time to heal your hurt and make yourself ready for IVF #5. Praying for you (and your angel).

  8. What makes a Mother

    I thought of you and closed my eyes
    and prayed to God today.
    I asked what makes a mother
    and I know I heard him say...

    "A mother has a baby."
    This we know is true.
    But can you be a mother
    when your baby's not with you?

    "Yes, you can,"
    He said with confidence in His voice.
    "I give many women babies.
    When they leave is not their choice.

    Some I send for a lifetime,
    and others for a day.
    Some I send to fill your womb
    but there's no need to stay."

    "I just don't understand this, God.
    I want my baby here."
    He took a breath and cleared His throat
    and then I saw a tear.

    "I wish that I could show you
    what your child is doing today.
    If you could see your child smile
    with other children and say,

    'We go to earth to learn our lessons
    of love and life and fear.
    My Mommy loved me oh, so much
    I got to come straight here.

    I feel so lucky to have a Mom
    who had so much love for me.
    I learned my lesson very quickly.
    My Mommy set me free.

    I miss my Mommy oh, so much
    but I visit her each day.
    When she goes to sleep,
    on her pillow is where I lay.

    I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek
    and whisper in her ear,
    "Mommy, don't be sad today.
    I'm your baby and I'm here."

    So, you see, my dear sweet one,
    your child is okay.
    Your baby is here in my home and
    this is where she'll stay.

    She'll wait for you with me
    until your lesson is through.
    And on the day that you come home,
    She'll be at the gates for you.

    So, now you see what makes a mother.
    It's the feeling in your heart.
    It's the love you had so much of
    right from the very start.

    Though some on earth may not see
    you're a mother with a child.
    They'll be up here with me one day
    and know you've always been one."

    sorry for this long comment. I find comfort when i lose my baby at 11weeks. I hope you also find little comfort in this poem.

  9. Please stay positive. Never give up.