Wednesday, 12 November 2008

My dog is a pig!

A couple of months ago, I adopted a 5 years old pekingese. His name is Merlin, he was given up twice by 2 owners and stayed in a petshop for a long time. He is a pretty local pekingese and i felt sorry for him so i decided not to buy a puppy and adopted him instead. I now know the reason why he was given up twice. He got a wonderful sweet personality, but is always mildly cautious and stiffens up when carried, thats ok for me, i can understand why. BUT its this other reason that i know caused his pathetic plight, HE SNORES LIKE A PIG WITH MICROPHONE! I mean it! i tolerated him for months sleeping right beside me in the airconditioned bedroom of mine as i didnt want to chase one dog out while my other get to sleep in with me. But let me tell you, Merlin really snores really loudly, he snores louder than my dad whom is the loudest snorer i know of. In fact, merlin's snoring can be heard 2 closed door rooms away. So for the first time last night, I decided to not let merlin into my bedroom, he barked half the night, scratched on my door the other half and what ever left over time that he's asleep, his snores echoed through my closed door! Anyway, he's a lucky dude i've made a commitment to keep him the day i took him home.

Ok, enough said about this pigdog of mine. This is a photo of the culprit.


  1. Hahaha!! A snoring pigdog!!! Laughing aside, I think you should bring him to see a vet cos' I think maybe something is clogged in there somewhere. Perhaps the vet will have a remedy for snoring doggie...:)

    It's a Marketing degree that I am doing...thought I told you before...if not, guess it just never came up in conversations. I started last year but had a big lapse when we moved to our new house so maybe that's why too. Studying is fun but still gets me sleepy...LOL!

  2. haha, first time i get to know that dog snor. I can't sleep with noise. You are so nice.

    Take care.