Wednesday, 24 December 2008

2008 year end reflection

After reading my sister's blog entry on the 15 things she did that matters to her, i have decided to do the same here in my blog.

This is the list of 15 things i have done that matters to me in my life

1. Giving birth to my daughter and becoming a mother

2. Getting married to my husband

3. Pursued my degree while working full time in my 20s

4. Getting to spend the last few years of my beloved dog zacky's life together

5. Not giving up, still marching on to fulfil my desire of having a second child thru IVF

6. Finding faith in Christ

7. Having a good relationship with my parents, my sister and my brother

8. Having Leo and Merlin the pekingeses as my pets

9. Re-entering the workforce after being sahm, In a way, have proven to myself of my Independence

10. Had shared my growing up years with 3 pet dogs.. Zacky Bobby and Brandy.

11. Maintaining good friends, few but real friends

12. My desire to be a better person for others and redefining that definition this year to being a better person for myself so i can be better for others..

13. Supportive of my husband's career move to have his own practice

14. My unfailing attempt to want to improve things that matters to me like my appearance, health, relationships, life skills, lifestyle, knowledge, wisdom and faith.

15. My husband, my daughter, my mom, my dad , my sister and my brother are the most important people in my life and thankful that they are all doing well.


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  1. Tell me when u succeeded gng on diet.
    The only time.. i go on diet is when my entire gum swollen from infection..