Monday, 22 December 2008

stood on both sides of the field

over the months, i have came to find support with some fertility bloggers on the internet. some who started roughly a year ago on this ivf journey.. cycling with me through one of my ivf cycles.. are now about to deliver their babies soon. people like them give me hope that one day, the nest within my belly will be filled with life..But, at the same time, its tough being on the ' empty nest side'. 

i am battling secondary infertility since i already have a beautiful girl, and its still tough. 

Having said all these, there is no testimony if there is no test. I hope i will be able to give a beautiful testimony here in a future not too far away from now.

I feel that i have grown up with these experiences..  

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  1. Hi dearie...I understand what you mean totally. My big red packet came on Sat after being 5 days late. I was for that week...estatic, nervous, exhilarated and totally mortified when the red packet arrived. Now I am back to the same vicious cycle of timing yet another ovulation and praying that it will be this month again. Sigh.

    Let's stay strong ok...:) Hugs! Have a great holiday my dear!