Thursday, 21 February 2008

Trigger tonight

After 10 days of adminstration of Gonal F to stimulate my follicles, the outcome are as above table. I have 3 good sized follicles and hopefully will contain good quality eggs. The other 3 smaller ones, I hope somehow it will grow to a good size before egg retrieval. My fertility specialist decided to trigger tonight as she did not want the bigger ones to be over mature. She explained that for IVF antagonist protocol, the maximum follicle size should be around 18mm to 19 mm during trigger HCG. I feel very anxious. I need a miracle from the Lord. I am treading on very thin line now...

Monday, 18 February 2008

follicles, pls recruit, pls grow in tune....pls be of high quality

Today is day 7 of my IVF FSH Stimulation cycle. Cant believe i am on Gonal F 600iu, its like super maximum dose! Had my first cetrodite injection yesterday along with the Gonal F, felt bloated around the tummy area and some tingling sensation on my ovaries. I guess my body is reacting to the high dose which is good sign. i hope my follicles are all awake now and recruiting and growing healthily to the right sizes. Dear God please bless my IVF cycle!

Yesterday, sh and I brought baby for her first Gymboree class. There were 7 other kids of her age and she enjoyed it.

Time flies by in a flash..... these 19 months with my baby girl has been the most wonderful time in my life. Her mere existence brings tons of joy and laughter and warmth into my family. Her one little smile worth all my sacrifices.

Deep down in me, i really would like to have many children. But battling with infertility is really tough, esp for the woman. Its strange how no matter if the infertile one is the man or the woman, the woman will have to bear the burden of it. Right now, all i want is to be pregnant and have a second child thru this IVF. Does not matter if baby is a boy or a girl, all i ask is a healthy baby.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Yesterday, i went to raffles hospital for my 4th day stimulation scan to look at my 8 follicles. As suspected, some of my follicles are very small around the size of 3.8mm while my biggest was 10mm. My gynae decided to put me on an even more aggressive dose of Gonal F, now i am upped to 600iu injection each day. This is in hope that the smaller ones will get recruited and grow too. Today, i will start my cetrodite injection to prevent early ovulation. SH and i decided to visit lighthouse church for miracle service last night, praying for a miracle, praying that our follicles will all grow well and we will be able to fertilise many eggs to form embryos to give us a baby eventually. I pray that Jesus will blow a soul into my womb in the next few days. Against so many obstacles, i have a warm feeling that my prayers has been heard and will be answered. I just need to have faith now. I really really really want this ivf to work. Let God be the maestro of this ivf process, let Him be the conductor of this grand work of creating a baby... giving life.