Saturday, 1 March 2008

7 days post retreival 5dp2dt

its a very tiring day for me today, worked the whole day at husband's practice. I moved alot today and i hope it doesnt affect the implantation process. After work, we went to a pet shop to view a pekingese puppy, i am planning to get one should the ivf be unsuccessful. i want this to work so badly i cant breathe. i cannot imagine the joy i will have if i am pregnant, i cannot imagine the grief i will feel if not....

My embies baby are 7 days old, by now, they should have found a cozy spot to implant and grow roots. 7 more days before i can take a pregnancy test.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My 1 embie that wasnt transfered.

Embryologist called, saying my 1 embie that they were monitoring for an extra day did not make their grade. The embie did develop from a day 2 - 3 cells into a day 3- 4 cells.. but the quality wasnt that great as there are some fragments. I feel kind of sad to not have this embie as a backup plan. Also feel sad this embie didnt get a shot of becoming my baby after all its struggles to get to where it is ..a 4 cells. I actually some feelings for it. Good bye embie no. 4, mommy thank you for all your strength to grow, should you have a soul.. may God be right next to you now in heaven. Mommy's hoping those 3 little embies inside my womb will proceed to grow well and implant well and become healthy babies.

After ET (embryo transfer)

Yesterday, i woke up at 7am to get ready to go to Raffles Hospital for my 2 sessions of acupunture and ET. I was greeted with good news. The doc managed to retrieve 6 eggs out of which 5 are matured out of which 4 fertilized and developed. I transfered 3 perfect grade 1 ( 1 being best, 5 being worse) embies on day 2. The 4th one was left to culture further before freezing it. I am very grateful that things turn out well and now i have a very fair chance at a successful pregnancy! Thanks to the Lord! Success are blessed work from him..

Now i am on my 2 week's wait.