Saturday, 26 July 2008

antral follicle count result after 2 months of DHEA

Went for my day 2 antral follicle count yesterday. Turned out that I have the exact same numbers of antral follicles as my previous ivf cycle. I have 8 to 9 and some are below 5mm ( 5mm is the average size for potential respond during ivf). I feel quite afraid to know i have to begin another cycle soon with the same kind of stats. So after 2 months of DHEA, it didnt do much for my diminishing ovarian reserve. So disappointing.

My gynae seem to be only interested in getting me to start asap. I cant help feeling its for her own interest in doing so.

I have made an appointment for my next antral follicle count with another fertility doctor.

After knowing that my antral follicle count has not improve, I am feeling some trepitations and the fear of another unsuccessful ivf becomes very very real again.

I am so tired of trying, but have to go on, I have no choice. The reward of a baby is just too worth it.

I wish i am in a ivf support group or any form of ivf emotional support, cant seem to find one here..