Saturday, 4 October 2008

Egg Retrieval

went in to ivf centre this morning for my egg retrieval. i was told that 9 eggs were collected. i will have to wait until monday to know how many are matured and went on to fertlization.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Final scan - day 10 ( after 9 days of puregon)

Here are the numbers
Right Ovaries; 21.5mm, 13.5mm,13.5mm,12mm
Left Ovaries; 18mm,15.5mm,15mm,12mm,10mm

I triggered HCG at 8pm tonight. My egg retrieval is scheduled on Saturday morning.

My butt is quite sore from the HCG injection. The injection hurt quite a bit, the sheer look of of th needle scared me, it was the length of my index finger. It needed to be this long in order to reach the muscle tissue.

Each time i go through an IVF cycle, i feel nearer to God, strangely. At this very moment, He is like the only one in the universe that knows for sure if this IVF cycle will work, I do hope the time is right and this IVF will be very successful.

Back to the injections.. Come to think of it, I am not afraid of needles. I always felt jabbing myself with stimulation drugs was a breeze as those needles are pretty small. BUT, the HCG needle that my husband brought from the pharmacy really freaked me tonight. I couldnt stop giggling seconds before the pierce, that is what i do when i get really nervous.

Comparing my final scan result with my previous ivf cycle's, i think the sizes looks somewhat better this time round. Could it be the 2 months supplements of DHEA that i took? Could it be the 8kg weight lost since my last cycle? Could it be a miracle from above, waiting to happen?
Whatever it is, I am thankful my stimulation stage went rather smoothly considering i am a poor responder with low antral follicle counts.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


In my ideal world, i will be able to harvest at least 9 fantastic eggs, fertilisation will be excellent and i will have 3 perfect embryos to transfer with somemore to freeze.. and the outcome of my IVF will be positive and 9 months from now, I will deliver a pair of healthy twins. 1 boy 1 girl. husband and i, my 2 years old and my twins .. we will live happily ever after together with our 2 pekingese dogs. Life will be great. Life will be so great.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

3rd scan - follicle development during stimulation stage

I am feeling very bloated all over today. Feeling extremely fatigue too. I took a nap this afternoon, something i dont do at all normally. My follicles have growth bigger. The size of the 9 follicles are; right ( 18mm, 12.5mm, 12mm, 12mm ) left (14mm, 14mm, 11mm, 9.5mm, 8mm ). It grew an average of 1.5mm to 2mm per day. I am instructed to continue with my puregon for tomorrow and come in for my 4th scan on thursday 2nd sept.

It seems like most of my colleagues came to know about my IVF plans. I did tell two of my colleagues as i will be taking a week's leave next week for ER and ET so i had to inform them. I do not feel ashamed or guilty or shy about having to undergo IVF. But.. I must say deep down in me, i am still a bit self conscious about what these people will say or think of me. I owe it to my lovely daughter and medical technology, to the miracle and to women to strive to eliminate any of such self conscious feelings. Women undergoing IVF should be applauded at , should be cheered on, should be encouraged.. after all, it is for a noble reason.

Monday, 29 September 2008

3rd scan for follicle development - day 7 of Puregon

Dear Blogadiary,

I want to scream out loud. I want to hide my head in my pillow and bury myself until this IVF process is over. This is my fourth round and i cant help feeling so worried if its going to work or not. I am hovering along the thin line of hope and fear, of anticipation and worries.

So far, my follicles are growing. To begin with, I had 7 resting follicles sized at 8, 5,4,4,4,4,4. Today after 6 injections of puregon at dose of 600iu per day, i have 9 follicles sized at 16.5, 13, 11.5, 10, 9.5, 8.5, 8, 8, 6.

I am worried. I am worried. I am worried. I need to relax and take it easy. Everything is beyond my control at this moment. Dear body of mine, pls produce excellent quality eggs, as many as you can out of those follicles.

The thing about IVF is... its not the pain.. its never about the pain! Its about the anticipation and the worrying during the wait.

Ok, i need to relax my mind, i have to believe i am trying the best for the best outcome. There is really nothing more i can do at this moment except to wait and go through with the process with optimism.

Negatism is not the way to self preservation. Optimism is!