Saturday, 22 November 2008

Spanish Song to bring you somewhere else in the world

In the process for looking for a breathe of fresh air .. I was introduced to this wonderful Spanish band Mana and its hit 'Rayando el Sol'. i have included the song in my blog.

The world is such a big place, .. somewhere in another beautiful place and another lovely culture... A love song tune that reminds me that there are so many spectrum and new things in life i havent explored. That life itself is bigger than the cocoon i have unconsciously built around me, and how i have let infertility 'super glued' me to this 'confinement'. Lets listen to this Spanish song together while you are here in my blog.

Some translation of part of the lyrics :

Rayando el sol, oeooo desesperación...
es más fácil llegar al sol que a tu
corazón oooo me muero por ti oeooo

It's easier to get to the sun/to be near the sun..then get close to your heart

Friday, 21 November 2008

am i bipolar or what

There is something magical about early morning breeze that makes you remember everything wonderful in your life. I was sitting at my desk this morning feeling pretty despondent, and then I got a whiff of the early morning fresh air that lead to the listening of birds chirping. I breathed that air in as if it was the last I would ever have.

Then i got transported back to my current existance. I know they say that God will never give you more than you can bear...but I'm pushing my limit now. Something got to give soon. I've tried positive-thinking, pretend it doesn't exist, grin and bear it, smile and the world smiles with you thoughts, but now,I'm just tired, tired, tired. And my face hurts from forcing the smile through all the tears.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The 3rd cycle IVF wait

Planning to begin my next antagonist protocol IVF on the begining of my 3rd menses cycle. So... what am i going to do from now to make my body all ready for it? I have tried TCM, Accupunture, DHEA... all benefitted me somewhat.

This time, I need a breathe of freshair. I am considering going au natural... A friend of mine recommended that i look for a naturopath. Its something i havent considered before and totally new to. I will be researching more on naturopath and infertility and will share with you my findings in the next few post. This is going to be fun.

A few things I think its compulsory during this wait.

-regular exercise to build up health
- fruits and vegetables
- vitamin C, E and folic
- wheatgrass
- enough sleep
- less stress
- positive thoughts

I am looking forward to doing all the above and will need to come out with a schedule for my game plan. :)