Friday, 13 February 2009

desperation level test

The beginning of my 5th IVF started with

1. beginning ivf on a friday the 13th.
2. hubby scheduled for 2 days overseas work trip around hcg trigger time.
3. gynae going away for 3 days around hcg trigger time.
4. accepting that the nurses at the clinic of choice seemed even more confused than i am.
5. very upset with workaholic hubby for being very neglectful and dismissive.
6. proceeding with the ivf knowing all of the above.

Shucks! I really dont think that starting in a happy mood or a messed up mood does any difference to my ivf outcome.

I need to be keeping my stress level down. I am keeping my eyes closed this time, whatever the outcome.. its meant to be... doesnt matter if i started IVF with great nurses or on a good date.

Damn, i am feeling so angry having to cope with this bloody anxiety again. But angry or not, in my heart, I am crying out for a favourable outcome.

Welcome to my IVF Antagonist day 1 of Puregon 600iu injection. Round 5.. I will survive and thrive.. Posterity will follow!


  1. Good for you - just power through it all. I start Lupron tomorrow - so we are cycle buddies! Best of luck to you.

  2. May i hear only good news!


  3. Do not be anxious, but in everything give thanks.

    Will pray for you. Also, keep communications with hubby open - as long as the Dr knows he might be travelling, certain things can be done earlier with hubby's schedule in mind.

  4. Wish u all the best! on this May i also try my 1st ISCI, now feel very scare....i no scare pain, i scare fail...

  5. Here from cyclesistas and about to start IVF #4 w/ ICSI. I hear ya. I don't feel like anything I do makes a darn bit o' difference in the outcome - but I am hoping this one is the one for you. Good luck! I will be following along!


  6. how was the embryo retrieval today?

  7. Good Luck.How have you been ?JAR

  8. Waiting to hear about retrieval. Sending lots of luck your way.