Wednesday, 1 April 2009

7th week

For those who been wondering what been happening to me, I am happy to say... I am fine. :)
Today i am exactly 7 weeks pregnant. I went for my ultrasound and i finally get to hear my baby's heartbeat!

Before today, i have been so anxious. I really wondered how i survived everyday with that amount of anxiety i had.

I am so grateful now. 


  1. Congrats! You must be over the moon! Take good care of yourself and continue to trust our Lord for He is good.

  2. So happy for you babe!! Rest well and yes, continue to trust in the Lord. God bless you and your little one!!

  3. Happy for you. :)
    Do come visit and join us in the MTB thread. :)

  4. Bless you carol.. take good care of yourself and the baby..

    i am truely happy 4 u sis. hugs.

    luv sis

  5. Hello Tintedsky, i am so happy for you! I knew you for a very long time, with Vanilla, Toy and the other beautiful ladies in the Christian IVF thread but i just changed nick so you may be wondering, heehee. Congrats!
    -my sunflower

  6. congrats!!!!!
    pls take care yeah

  7. Yeah!! This is such great news. I'm so happy for you.