Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I like rainy windy weather

Today is such a day, its a windy and rainy morning. I didnt realise how wonderful it is until the strong wind started blowing into my bedroom window, filling my room with a sweet fresh dewy aroma of nature, the wind on my skin felt good too. It took away my morning sickness for a moment and everything smells so great. The sky is overcasted and the usually bright hot sunniness is mellowed down to a gentle tone. How soothing. 

Here is a list of things i want to get started:

1. Put my apartment up for sale
2. Store away clothings that are too tight and take out the loose ones from the sotrage bag. 
3. Shift my makeup stuff to another drawer thats out of reach from my daughter. 
4. Find healthy meal plans that are friendlier to my gastric and morning sickness.
5. Make conscious effort to watch my sugar intake. 


  1. What hv u been doing everyday? just lie dwn and dont dare to move? haha

  2. hi shirley
    actually, almost. I am either feeling dizzy or headache or queasy or tired all the time... sometimes i feel all that at the same time. Its not very fun.

  3. hi shirley,
    did i mention that i carried her today for a few seconds and i got all panicky thinking how i shouldnt be carrying heavy things. I ate century egg porridge and i also panicked wondering if preserved eggs are ok to eat.
    Oh ya, and i gained like 3kgs in a matter of less than 10 days, and my tummy is bloated like a balloon. I think i am suffering from water retention.

  4. Dear Tintedsky,

    thanks for all the info. Will remember the small meal thingy. I do get hungry quite often, like today. But I tell myself I must be strict and take only wholemeal bread. For rice, I cut by more than half and subsititute with veggie and meat. Bought wholewheat crackers too, for sudden hunger pangs. Thanks so much for the encouragement. You take care too. I remembered myself lying down most of the time after my result out. You see, I am also IVFer. Was given HL for almost 7 weeks. Thank God for His protection and blessings. You will be bless by Him too. Have a good pregnancy ahead and I will still pop in to read your entry. God bless you and your family!

  5. basically when things are going your way, this kind of weather will be in your favor..but if your life sucks (e.g. like a failed IVF), this weather will make you wish the lightning would just strike you black and dry..

  6. Hey there...I love rainy gloomy days too...there's just something cozy about it...when it's raining, I always feel more relaxed and sleepy...hahah!

    Where are you guys planning to move to? How exciting!!

    Take care and rest well ok, love and lots of hugs, Cindy