Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Officially a SAHM now

For the next many months, I have decided to focus on family and pregnancy. To officiate my first day as a Stay at home mom, I baked my first set of chocolate cupcakes together with my daughter who is turning 3 this july

I used to work part time doing fund raising, event organization and IT projects for a feminist organization here in singapore. This is my first real experience with working in a Voluntary  Welfare Organization. I gained lots of fun and valuable experiences from the work and projects and also on knowing how a VWO is run. I also experienced working in a office space in a residential area, under a hdb residential housing flat, from the window where i was sitting, i got to see neighbourhood children playing ball and grannies and mothers scrolling by with their strollers after marketing. It was a peaceful view compared to the usual city skyscapers view i had while i was working full time in  corporate companies awhile back.  With my freed up time now, I can also consider the option of volunteering once in a while in a charity that is closer to my heart, also getting interested in new things and taking up handicraft lessons. 

I have experienced being a stay home mom when i was pregnant with my daughter,  then continued to not work until she was about 2years old. That's almost 3 full years of stay home mom life. I guess i will be doing the same again, but this time, I hope to help out a little more with my husband's business. 

If i have to express my view on sahm vs working, I would say for both.. that i love it and hate it. I love working because of the identity thingy and the satisfaction i get from a work well done and for knowing im capable of financial independence. I hate it at the same time because of the occasional surges of stress that comes along and also the time i miss with my daughter, i dont feel good leaving her with care-giver. 

Actually, being a stay at home mom is a privilege... but privileges can be easily abused too, like i can get really laid back to the point of guilt instead of being focus on family and self improvement sometimes. I hope this time round, I will make use of my time alot better and feel proud doing all the things to make this family cozier and this household better and everyone including myself, happier.  I have to be contented that the grass will always seem greener on the other side when going get tough. :)

Right now,  whats most important to me is to continue this pregnancy and pray that this pregnancy will be smooth, healthy and normal. After all, i came a long ivf way to reach this point, i would like to stay pregnant and deliver this miracle if i have a choice.   


  1. Congrats on the refreshing start of being a SAHM! You will deliver your beautiful baby in 9 months! God is good! ~my sunflower :)

  2. yummy sis..

    not bad for a first time.. ur cup cake looks pretty!

  3. Congrats tintedsky on your decision. I am sure you will savour every moment of it since this baby is especially precious.

    Take time to spend with your daughter now cos when no. 2 comes along, it will be hard to give her full concentration for long hours.

  4. Congratulations on baby-to-be! Those cupcakes look AWESOME, too, btw.

    I've been a SAHM for the past 4-5 years. It is a love-hate thing for me, too, so I started making my own jewelry to sell on Etsy. I don't make profit but I have fun doing it!