Thursday, 7 May 2009

My last entry - The silver lining

I went to National University Hospital yesterday for my NT Scan. Everything went well, thankfully. I saw my baby and i was sure my baby waved at me and gave me a thumbs up from the ultrasound.

My husband who has been a little reserved in expressing his joy over my pregnancy for self preservation purposes ... is very happy and assured now. I could tell that he is very touched and glad that we finally made it to where we are now.

I am closing the chapter to my IVF journey, maybe i'll begin a new chapter somewhere else on blog sphere on my further journey of pregnancy. After all, this blog is dedicated to readers in a way of providing my personal ivf experiences and information. After a few years of ttc for child no. 1 and then two over years with a total of 5 ICSI IVFs, 1 FET and 2 heartbreaking pregnancy lost , hitting over 21,000 blog hits and finally a 12 weeks bfp, Its time to move on, its job is done.

If there is one thing i have to be thankful for for my IVF experiences. It would be that it didnt break me and made me stronger..
- My faith is stronger
- My relationship is more resilient
- I am more appreciative of life
- the ivf objective is reached

To anyone who is reading this and undergoing IVF....please take heart that no matter how short or long your IVF journey may be..... hang tough and have faith.

For your cause is noble and the end result will be sweet and rewarding, in its own special way.

Meanwhile, I will be embracing this pregnancy wholeheartedly and pray to God for his continuous blessings and protection.

God Bless


  1. Hey, happy for you that all is well! Congrats! But are you closing this blog? Pls dont, i gain alot of inspirations and encouragements from reading your experiences. You kept me running in my ivf journey. I have recently been BFP too but lost it at week 9, bb didnt grow and no heartbeat. I am still unsure if i will try another IVF soon. I am in the SMH christian ivf thread. We are all inspired by your determination and strong faith! Thumbs up! - Sunflower

  2. God Bless and enjoy your pregnancy journey!

  3. haiyo. don't close ur blog lar. u can upgrade this blog to writing abt ur ivf babies rite.

    how natalie and ur new bby grow up and stuff.

    u keep migrating blog and i have a few of your new and old addresses... cant keep up.


  4. Wonderful news!!! I hope you do continue to write and that this blog (like mine) becomes a journey of sorrow to a journey of joy that will bring others hope. *HUGS*

  5. What a beautiful post.
    I wish you all the best on the rest of your journey...

  6. I just found you after trying to find others who are experiencing secondary infertility (like me.)

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Best of luck with your future blog...