Thursday, 5 February 2009

long hair going short hair

yesterday, I did something totally crazy.
I went to Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon at Wellington building and the Japanese Hair Stylist asked me what i wanted, I want a change in my hairstyle...dont want my hair to stick to the sides of my head as they were limp. He suggested he would style it short or keep it long and perm it.

I decided to just choose what i am not comfortable with as the inertia for change was high , you see, I have been wearing my hair the same way for the past 20 years.

Same goes for the colouring, i chose warm copper tone instead of my usual cool yellow based tone.

Now, i have face length short hair with a warm red tone. . . ..Still, I am not so sure about going red, I am still trying to get use to it... But i think generally it did turn out fine .

A friend text messenged me the nicest thing in my moment of neediness after i chopped off my long hair..

" Cutting of long hair signifies leaving the old behind and starting a brand new beginning. I look forward to see a brand new you with a fresh outlook in your life! "

How sweet!

Always been undergoing IVF as a long hair girl... I am looking forward to a successful one in roughly 10 days as a short hair girl!! :)