Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My birthday gift

A close friend asked me this question.

" What do you want for your birthday this year?"

I said " I want a positive pregnancy test, my beta test happens to be 1 day before my 32nd birthday"

my friend then asked " What if....... ?? "

I said " honestly, at this moment, i dont even want to think about the what ifs, i just want to be completely freely naively recklessly positively optimistic. "

Sunday, 1 March 2009

some updates of IVF

My IVF process went smoothly and I praise God for it. I started my cycle with an antral follicle count which reflected a low count of 6 to 7. I always had low antral follicle count and am a low responder since my first cycle years back, so this was expected.

I had 11 days of puregon injection at 600iu daily and 4 doses of orgulatron injection. This time, my follicles grow very synchronously. My egg retrieval went really smoothly. I had 7 eggs retrieved and 5 of them were matured. This was a very good number of eggs for me, considering my low antral follicle count. Thank God for that.

I did a day 3 embryo transfer yesterday afternoon. Out of my 5 mature eggs, all 5 fertilized with ICSI and all 5 made it to day 3 with no fragmentation. I transferred 3 embryos of 9 cells, 6 cells, and 4 cells thats about to multiply. I get to have 2 of my extra embryos freeze! Its really amazing for me, this is the best IVF process I had.

I did nothing special this round. I just stop worrying so much, I rely completely on God's grace and the professionalism of the doctor. My doctor and hubby being away for that 2 days did not affect the process as it just so happened that my ER and ET were done after.

My hubby held my hands while i still lay in bed and prayed each morning during the entire IVF. He prays the most heartfelt lovely prayer each morning, about his yearning for a child, for my health, for our family. His faith gave me strength and took most of my worries away.

A few other blessings in our lives right now are, my pekingese dog who was on medication everyday for the past 2 years has finally recovered from his chronic illness and is now without medication and doing well.

My daughter had flu and recovered really quickily from it without passing it to me or my hubby during the ivf process.

Funny how, prior to beginning this cycle, we were so worryied that it manifested as a very angry me and a 'zoned out' hubby. But it turned out to such a smooth cycle.

Now i begin my 2 weeks wait. :)