Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I like rainy windy weather

Today is such a day, its a windy and rainy morning. I didnt realise how wonderful it is until the strong wind started blowing into my bedroom window, filling my room with a sweet fresh dewy aroma of nature, the wind on my skin felt good too. It took away my morning sickness for a moment and everything smells so great. The sky is overcasted and the usually bright hot sunniness is mellowed down to a gentle tone. How soothing. 

Here is a list of things i want to get started:

1. Put my apartment up for sale
2. Store away clothings that are too tight and take out the loose ones from the sotrage bag. 
3. Shift my makeup stuff to another drawer thats out of reach from my daughter. 
4. Find healthy meal plans that are friendlier to my gastric and morning sickness.
5. Make conscious effort to watch my sugar intake. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

8 weeks 6 days ultrasound scan update

I went to the gynae today for my 8 weeks 6 days scan. I had a tummy scan and get to see my little peanut. Little peanut is 21mm in size with a heartbeat of 172beats per minute. Peanut is measuring just right. The thing is, my blood pressure test didn't turn out normal. I was 138/80, which is kinda high. The last time i did, it was rather high too. Gynae thought that it could be due to my anxiety knowing im going to get my scan right after. Or i could really be having high blood pressure! Gosh. I need to google a bit more on 1st trimester high blood pressure.  I am hoping its just the anxiety, will do the pressure test again tonight when im very relaxed. 

Gynae also told me to do a glucose challenge test since i had previous case of gestational diabetes,also he thinks that gestational diabetes can occur right from 1st trimester. i will be going to the hospital to do that 3 hours drink-glucose hourly-blood test thingy. I hope the test turns out fine. 

Did i mention that I am having morning sickness since 6 weeks? I don't puke, but i feel really queasy. The queasiness feels like seasickness. Gastric discomfort is also another pain in the butt, I feel like nothing gets digested and all the food i intake just seat around. Oh and the sense of smell... the air smells now, my dogs smells, everything smells. Some smell even became pungent. I am always tired too, sometimes dizzy. My tummy is hard and bloated too, I think i am suffering from some water retention, I look 5 months pregnant now.  the other day, I told my hubby that my tummy was feeling really hard and distended, he told me its just accumulated fats since i lay around so much now. I wish he was more tactful.

Still, I am grateful. After 5 fresh ICSI rounds and 1 FET..... i am just so grateful to be almost 9 weeks pregnant and counting on. 

Thank you God!