Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Failed my glucose tolerance test - OGTT

On my last visit to the gynae, I was advised to do a OGTT which is usually reserved for pregnant ladies after 20 weeks. He thought that since I have a strong family history of diabetes and and the fact that I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy, that makes me a suspect.

I did my 2 hours oral glucose test challenge ( OGTT ) and i failed it. I am diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance! Which means i am a prediabetic! There goes all the sweet stuffs, cakes, pastries, soda etc.

I bought a little machine to measure my glucose level. the brand is Accu-chek. I have to prick my fingers up to 7 times a day to monitor my glucose level. How fun! Duh! :(

I am 10 weeks now and i get to stop using crinone and pregnyl. And in 2 weeks time, I get to stop all my medications ( duphaston, progynova, proluton ). By then, my placenta should have swing into full function.

I gained some weight too. I started this cycle of IVF at 60kg, I was 62kg at 2 ww and I am 63.9kg now! Thats like a whooping 8 pounds in total.

I really need to be controlling what I eat, but seriously i didnt eat more than pre-IVF. May be my metabolism rate has slowed down alot and I am into the pregnancy fat conservation mode. I gained 28kg (60 pounds ) in my previous pregnancy. I really should be keeping my maximum weight gain to below 15kg this time round.