Sunday, 18 October 2009

35 weeks plus update

i had a 35 weeks growth scan a couple of days back, results were good except for my AFI level. AFI stands for amniotic fluid index or something, in short ... the water surrounding my baby in the water bag is on the lower side. The average acceptable range should be above 5cm and below 24cm. I was measuring 7cm. Anything below 5cm is not good, so i need to be closely monitored since im a borderline low AFI case. I am instructed to drink at least 3 litres of water and rest more on my left side. I am getting my AFI checked again in 4 days time and i hope my levels will be better by then.

I have decided not to try VBAC. I will opt for elective cesarean instead. I feel that its a safer route for my baby. Reason being :

1. had a previous C section hence 1 % chance of uterine rupture.
2. gestational diabetes
3. low AFI level of 7cm

On the bright side, my baby is growing well and is around 2.5kg now. I am looking forward to seeing my baby. Its been a long journey from IVF ttc till now.
I feel very blessed to be where i am now.