Monday, 11 January 2010

reading my past blog entry

I wrote this 1 day after my ectopic pregnancy surgery 1 year ago dated 6 november 08.

 Be patient with life,
despite its cruelty. 
Often it seems careless of our pain,
but just as often brings us hope again.

I gave birth to my daughter in 9 Nov 09... And Life..... did brings hope to me again.

Whoever out there who is TTCing.... dont give up.. keep the faith.


  1. thank you...i was googling for acupuncture contacts and reached your blog. your words made me cry and smile as they touched raw nerves and feelings that have developed in our 2 year, and ongoing journey. thank you for having the strength to share your experience...god bless

  2. Hi,
    I want to applaud you for your bravery. I can't imagine going through so many IVF cycles like you. You are indeed a brave and strong person and your journey has been worth it, more than anything else. After much wait and anticipation, I have decided to go through my first IVF cycle soon. I am so scared. My husband and mum are worried because my husband had a dream that I would die during child birth. They are trying to convince me not to do this IVF. Please pray for me. I hope to cuddle a bundle of joy like yours soon.