Monday, 28 June 2010

The abouts

About Weaning
My little baby is going to be 8 months soon. How time flies. I have been breastfeeding her until about a week ago. I switched her from breast to bottle formula and expressed breast milk. And when mommy feels a little sad about weaning her, I latch her on my breast for comfort feeding. Comfort for mommy and baby.

 About Self Image
Lately, I have been meeting up with mothers and some of them are so slim and still looking so attractive. I cant help feeling like a frumpy cow. Where did i leave my self esteem at? I need to go find my 'element' again. But seriously, when my tummy rumbles, i feed it, and i feel it well. Sometimes, I smother it with too much. The thought of depriving myself from the one thing that gives me pleasure and comfort ( glorious food!) still seems too hard on me.

About IVF again
I desire to have more children. And i think having 3 kids to love sounds very very fulfilling as a family. So, in order to have a shot at getting a 3rd child. I need to have my menses back. Where are you menses? I plan to use my 2 frozen embryos on the 3rd menses cycle. My frosties are not the best quality. One is 4 cells and another is 3 cells and both are day 3 embies. Well, a try is a try. I hope against hope that I will be successful and that i don't have to resort to rounds of IVFs to get there.


  1. Hey, i am so happy to read updates from you everytime! I have failed my 7th ET, the gals at Sgmotherhood always encourage me with your story. I know i must press on. Anyway, my next protocol is antagonist. Gonna read up your archives to know more about it. Hope i could be like you breastfeeding my finally baby soon! ~ Sunflower Seed

  2. dear sunflower seed,

    im so encouraged myself to know that my experience contributes positively. :)

    My gynae in gleneagles put a picture of twins about 7 years old in his room. Whenever patients like myself asked if those are his children, he told a story of how a mother tried 9 unsuccessful IVFs and at 10th round, managed to give birth to these 2! Its encouraging, it reminds me to focus and look at the grand picture.