Monday, 4 January 2010

Am i done yet?

My baby is 2 months old now. I feel like i have known her for a long time, maybe because i have waited for her for a long time.

How is life after IVF like? Its like I am almost forgetting those endless cycles of IVF, those emotional roller coaster rides and those tears that had fallen during the process.

Its like I've travelled a long and rough journey to reach home and once I've reached my destination.......... amnesia sets in on the past and I simply enjoy being where I am now. This blog remains a reminder of this journey, for each stressful moment, each cry or fuss from my baby is a reminder of my victory of which i am grateful of. My Ivf journey continues to inspire me in strength.

I have 2 more frozen embryos which i plan to use in near future. I have decided that 2010 will be an IVF-free year. I will most likely go on a thaw cycle in early 2011. If i am really really really lucky, I may get a viable pregnancy from it and have a 3rd child. Will i undergo another round of fresh IVF cycle? I really cant say now... part of me feels like I am done with IVF and contented with 2 kids... part of me feels like ....... i can try one more time. Afterall, I am 33 yrs old now and technically, IVF is still hopeful for the next few years of my lifespan.

Whatever it is.... 2010 is an IVF-free year for me.....