Monday, 24 January 2011

Hope or no hope....

3 days ago, i did my pregnyl hcg booster injection and 2 days back, i did a beta hcg blood test (10 dpo or 7dp3dt) my beta was 23. The result on 10dpo was inconclusive as its only 1 day after my booster injection, the hcg booster med would have still be in my system. Today, I did another beta blood test and my beta is 17. It is again, inconclusive it seem. My hcg booster med in my system would have fallen quite a bit over 3 days... but how do i interpret the beta of 17 for 12 dpo? Still hcg booster residue?? Or bfp??? You see, I thought i will skip POAS this time by going to get my beta done early at the hospital lab, it was a silly thing to do... I am in more agony then if i had depended on POAS.
To make things trickier, the nurse called and told me that i should come in for beta blood test on 27th instead of 25th as previously scheduled as it slipped her mind that that i was on hcg booster shots. So this coming Thursday. I will know better by then.

My tummy is so bloated due to water retention, i feel like i have gained lots of weight from not moving much and not exercising. I truly feels like a hippo. I dont want to be a sad hippo and have bfn. I want to be a happy hippo with a bfp. I feel so horrible right now, thinking that this ivf no. 6 or if i counted the FET, it will be IVF cycle no. 8 might ended as a negative... I will be heart broken. The truth is, i really dont know if I can get pregnant with this cycle. I really dont wish it to be negative. I just been dealt with a BFN last month with my FET, i am not ready for another BFN so soon. I pray for divine intervention.


  1. Hoping it will be a BFP for you soon.

  2. Really hoping you find out good news tomorrow. The waiting is torture. Here from LFCA. ((Hugs))

  3. Hope that you can find out the answers quckily (and that they do indead lead to a BFP!)