Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Today, i am still entitled to feel as if I am pregnant. PUPO.

Today, i can still believe that my embryos hadnt left me

Today, i can still think that the symptoms im having is due to a growing embryo instead of the multiple drugs in my body

Today, i can still anticipate a possibility of a good news

Today, i can still touch my belly and feel love radiating from my womb

Today, i can believe i am still in the game

Today, i imagine my beta is going to turn out just right and i am going to be blessed with good news

Today, i can visualise my baby's heart beating in another 2 weeks time

Today, i close my eyes and imagine the feeling of happiness of a congratulatory greetings for tomorrow's beta

Today i can imagine the twinkle in my husband's eyes and the tension release.

Today, i can still remain hopeful

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