Tuesday, 7 May 2013

3 days post retrieval

Dear baby to be
Today, our doctor informed us that you are developing beautifully.  All 5  fertilised embryos not only survived but also look good. We have one 10 cells , two at 8 cells and two at 7 cells.
Doctor informed that there will be no transfer today, instead, we will go for blastocyst day 5 transfer. This is my 9th fresh ivf cycle and my very first attempt at day 5 transfer.
It is a wonderful assurance to me that this cycle might just be the one that hit home run. I am so so ready to be pregnant with you.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a minimum of at least 2 good blastocysts to transfer on day 5. 
Lots of love,
Your mother
Thank you Almighty God for the miracle and the mercy.  May the Lord continues to watch over the development beginnings of my 3rd child and bless my womb and let it be ready to receive this child. Amen


  1. Heard that blastocyst 5 days after ER has better chances to implant.best of luck :-)

    1. Thanks nur! I certainly hope for a bfp this round :)