Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I got a positive! Ya right, a positive for urinary tract infection. Started antibiotics last evening and is feeling much better when I use the loo now, otherwise it felt like a crab pinched my peehole at the end of each pee attempt.

First of all, I hardly ever get uti. May be once in a few years? I should have peed again shortly after being cathetered during Embryo Transfer. If I did, I wonder if it would havd made a difference. I asked my RE if uti during the 2ww might affect chances for a bfp. He said it wouldnt affect a weeee bit. I just have to believe him.

I think I might skip poas (pee on a stick) this time. The last few cycles, my mind really got screwed up badly by the false positives (probably residual effect of the pregnyl jabs administered during the 2ww support). During the last cycle ivf#8, I did a digital hpt at my mom's house and it turned positive, it wrote 'pregnant' on the stick. You can guess the rest.. I told everyone at mom's place and was happy as a lark, but only for 1 day.  On the day of hcg blood test and it turned out bfn. I did another hcg blood test and the hcg dropped further to near zilch.  Darn pregnyl shots.  It was so so hard and embarrassing to have to break the news to everyone who witnessed my happy dance the other day while holding the positive hcg stick. I felt like an idiot.

Really, so i think it might be wiser to lay off from poas especially since I'm jabbing myself with pregnyl this round too, on top of inserting cyclogest into my vjayjay twice daily and popping progynova.

This waiting ... this 2ww... is excruciating.  I've been on the ivf wagon for way too looong. Please let this time be a bfp and baby in arms 9 months later.  Pouring lots of baby dust on myself........ :)


  1. pray for huge BFP.All the best

    1. Thank you Nur for the encouragement. Appreciate it very much.