Friday, 10 May 2013

The 48 hours bedrest

After the embryo transfer, I was told not to move for 4 hours. The nurses used a patslide and slided me from the surgery bed to the trolley bed and then to the bed in the room where spent the next 4 hours just lying flat on my back.  When 4 hours up, I got up and left the room, waited for the lift, walked to the carpark to hubby car. I was probably on my feet for 10 to 15 mins during this period. The car journey home was 20 minutes. I got out of the car and took the lift up to my apartment. Once inside, climbed onto bed and carried on with my bedrest on my back.  Only got up for dinner and pee breaks.  I struggled to stay on my back in the night but couldnt fall asleep and so I succumbed to sleeping on my side.
I am 1dp5dt. 8 more days before I poas and 11 more days before the official hcg blood test.  


  1. hi,
    enjoy your 2ww waiting :)

    1. Trying to enjoy but its getting excruciatingly painful to wait as the day of truth draws nearer.

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