Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Whats up next stop? Its... FET

I have taken these months between the last post and this to recoup and reconcile with myself over the failed cycle.  Have been enjoying my food alot and gained 4kg/ 10 pounds over this period. This morning, stepped on my scales and saw a new milestone in weight. 60.00kg. Shucks! I better start eating healthier and more mindfully.

I used to think that the maximum number of fresh cycle that I would undergo is 10. But it looks like this number no longer is a barrier to my baby dreams. I might just go as far as it takes to bring my baby home. I may consider stopping if I am still unsuccessful in a few years time when age really catches up.

My next baby plan is to start FET in August/Sept cycle. I have 2 frozen blastocysts waiting.

Stay Calm and Keep Trying

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