Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mini IVF Journey

' Hey, again? You never quit, do you..?'  A familiar face remarked yesterday.  ' 'Desire' was my reply. That one word sums it all up for me.

Today is my day 2 of my menses cycle. I am officially on my 9th fresh Ivf cycle (not including all the frozen cycles aka FET cycles). This time, I am using a new Fertility specialist and a new protocol. I am on a mini IVF. Drugs on this protocol includes 5 days of clomid  and alternate days of puregon injections from day 2 onwards. The 'mini' part of this ivf is associated to the lower dose of puregon. On a typical antagonist ivf cycle, assuming a 12 days stimulation cycle.  I will receive an estimated dose of 600iu x 11 days = 6600iu of puregon. For this cycle, its about 200iu x 6 = 1200iu.

Thats alot less FSH drugs.

The aim for mini Ivf is higher quality eggs in a lower quantity.  Mini IVF aims for 2 to 3 good eggs during retrieval.  

Yes.. no.9 ivf cycles not including frozen ivf cycles and still believing....Desire ....