Saturday, 4 May 2013

Post Egg retrieval update

My retrieval went smoothly. 8 oocytes/eggs were retrieved.  my uterine lining has thicken to 7.9mm and dr informed that we can go ahead to do the embryo transfer in 3 to 5 days time.

Out of the 8, dr says some look immature which I expected since some follicles were as small as 10mm during trigger. Dr is aiming to maintain the 2 leading follicles at optimal quality and triggered when these 2 were 18mm.

Thank God that things have so far progressed smoothly. 

Right now, I look forward to good outcome in the fertilization process, embryo development process, embryo transfer process before I begin my 2 weeks wait and pregnancy test.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 11 - 1 day post trigger

Dear my baby-to-be,

I am so excited that I am 1 step closer to conceiving you. Thank God we make it to 1 day before oocyte retrieval with this new low dose fsh ivf protocol. You know, I am willing to inject any amount of drugs into my body just so to have a chance to be your mother. Just like for your 2 older sisters, my love for you begins in my heart even before you are in my womb.
Tomorrow, I will be checking into the hospital at 6am. The process of retrieving eggs is an interesting experience for me, its like giving birth to half of you. God plays a lead role in the making of you, I pray that God will bless us with His Touch and breathe your soul into my embryo. We call it fertilization process in conception, but indeed it is God fertilizing your spirit into those cells. The bible says that there is a time for everything... I pray with my heart and my soul that this is your time now.

Sometimes, I get scared and confused, what if I can not have you? What if I am make to give up before my heart says so? I so believe in you and in God's timing.

God placed a seed of desire for daddy and I to have you. God will see it through.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day10 update

Did my scan today. I have about 7 follicles. 2 at 18mm a few around 13mm and the smallest at 10mm. My uterine lining is quite thin at 4.7mm.

Since the objective is to get 2 or3 good ones my RE decision is to trigger tonight.  My egg retreival is scheduled on Saturday. There is a possiblity the embryos will be frozen for transfer in my next month's cycle if my lining remains thin.

I never had thin lining issues. It kinda worrying to have a thin lining. Thin lining means not optimal for implantation means lower success rate. 

I got to have faith in my good RE to make the right judgement calls.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Crossroads- Day 7 update of ivf #9

Lately, I have been feeling very emotional. I pray that this ivf will be a success and resulting in a healthy baby  9 months later. At this point of life, going through ivf is akin to being in a life crossroad. I really dont know what lies ahead. I can only close my eyes and pray hard.
Sometimes I feel so very alone in this. I have decided not to tell anyone except my husband and my housekeeper.  I am not telling my parents because I dont want them to have to worry for me. Its better this way.
Going through 5 straight failed cycles dampens my ability to believe that I can be lucky and good things can happen to me but still I have to believe in good outcome. I have to repeat this in my head.. 'success can happen to me'
Tomorrow I will be seeing my fertility dr for my first scan. I hope that my reproductive organ is responding well to the 100mg clomid daily and also the little puregon I am on.